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Experience - Current Projects

Am Test routinely conducts thousands of analyses each month. The following table lists some of our ongoing projects, both big and small. Many of our clients have been using our services for years.


ClientAnalysis (Weekly)Client Since
Snohomish County Surface WaterMetals, Inorganics, Organics, Micro2005
Thurston CountyMetals, Inorganics, Organics, Micro2009
Clallum CountyMetals, Inorganics, Organics, Micro2009
City of IssaquahMetals, Inorganics, Micro2008
City of CentraliaMetals, Inorganics, Organics, Micro1992
City of MonroeMetals, Inorganics, Micro2000
Pierce countyMetals, Inorganics, Organics, Micro2001

Drinking Water, Ground Water, Surface Water

ClientAnalysis (Weekly)Client Since
Snohomish County Solid WasteInorganics, Metals, Organics, Micro2003
City of RedmondDrinking Water, Nutrients, TPH1986
City of CentraliaInorganics, Metals, Organics, Micro1992
Stevens County LandfillInorganics, Metals, Volatiles1992
City of BellevueMicro, Fuels, Nutrients1993
City of LynnwoodMicro, Metals, Organics, TPH1994
City of Mt. Lake TerraceMicro, Metals, Organics1994
ParametrixMetals, Inorganics, Organics1997
City of MarysvilleDrinking Water, Micro2008

Industrial & General Stormwater Permits

ClientAnalysisClient Since
Clallum CountyMetals, Inorganics2009
Snohomish County Surface WaterMetals, Inorganics, Organics, Micro2005
WA State Fire AcademyFuels, Metals, Inorganics2007
City of MonroeFuels, Metals, Inorganics2003
Thurston CountyFuels, Metals, Inorganics, Organics2009
City of IssaquahFuels, Metals, Micro1999


ClientAnalysisClient Since
Starbucks Coffee Co.Caffeine1999
Dal-TileMetals, Inorganics1999
Stock Pot SoupsMicro2000
Omax CorporationMetals, Inorganics1996


ClientAnalysisClient Since
Pierce County/Chambers CreekMetals, Inorganics, Organics1988
City of Redmond, ORMetals, Inorganics, Organics2000
City of Port AngelesMetals, Inorganics, Organics1995
City of MonroeMetals, Inorganics, Organics1998
City of North BendMetals, Inorganics, Organics2000
City of EdmondsMetals, Inorganics, Organics1998

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